What Is SEO Marketing And How Can It Help My Business?

Many business owners are already of the value of marketing. They know that it’s an ideal way for them to promote their company’s services and products so that they can increase their revenue. However, smaller scale businesses are limited by the amount of capital and resources that they have. As such, some remain hesitant about the concept of digital marketing because they do not believe they will get a solid return on investment.

Most of these experiences stem from traditional marketing techniques. However, digital marketing is significantly different from traditional marketing and doesn’t require as much resources in order for a business to get a solid ROI.

What Is SEO Marketing?

SEO or search engine optimization, can prove to be the most valuable type of digital marketing small business can invest in. It can be best described as altering off-site and on-site factors to increase the rank of your website in the search results. Let’s take a look at several reasons why small business owners should utilize the services of an SEO expert

1) Organic Leads 24 Hours A Day

Statistics indicate that 85% of the traffic for any given search query, goes to the top 3 ranked websites that pop up in the search results. What this means is that even if your website is in the 4th position, statistically you will only get 15% of the traffic you would have gotten, if you were in the top 3. Even worse, search engine experts also demonstrate that less than 1% of visitors check the second page for a given search query.

By utilizing the services of an SEO marketing specialist, they can alter on-site and off-site factors of your website to increase your rankings for a given search query. Once they have done this, you will be able to get leads 24/7 and increase your revenue. And, unlike traditional forms of marketing, once you have gained the top ranked position, if you maintain it, you will be able to get leads for months and even years.

2) Your Top Competitors Are Already Doing SEO

Every top company in every business sector is using the services of an SEO specialist. Even big companies that already have a large customer base use the services of an SEO expert (check out the ministry of freedom reviews for ideas). What this means is that regardless if you are in retail, food and beverage or the entertainment business sector, chances are that your top competitors are already taking advantages of SEO marketing.

Your ability to compete will determine how successful your business remains. In order for you to ensure that your business stands out, you need to strengthen the areas of which your competitors are already thriving. SEO will give you the opportunity to compete with your competitors on a fair level.

3) Brand Awareness

Every business owner knows that brand awareness helps to facilitate trust, which in turn leads to a higher amount of sales and a high customer retention rate. Let’s say you operate a barbershop and someone searches for barbershops in the city where your business is located. If you utilize the services of a marketing specialist, your website will show up in the top results for that search.

The potential client will click to know more about your website. This helps to create brand awareness as well as to establish credibility. It’s a known fact that people trust companies with websites than companies that don’t. But, unless you invest in digital marketing, no one will know your website exists.

4) SEO’s Importance Increases Year After Year

Search engines are an integral part of our lives and the internet as a whole. While social networks may come and go, search engines are here to stay indefinitely. The same thing can be said about SEO and its importance. It will only increase as the years go by. Right now is an opportune time for you to get involved for several reasons. For starters, search engine continuously tweaks their algorithm in regards to which website goes up and down in their search listings. As it gets more and more complicated, it will also get more and more expensive.

As such, if you work with a specialist to develop a strategy now, it will cost you a lot lest to maintain your position year after year, than it would to get started at a later date.