Bail Bonds in the Criminal Justice System

A bail bond is a cash promise given by or on behalf of a convicted suspect to ensure their presence in court before their sentence is completed after they are released from prison. The defendant’s bail bond will be forfeited if he or she fails to appear.

Concept of bail bond freedom

When a court trial is concluded, a bail bond is issued. If the criminal is proven guilty or innocent, or if the charge is dropped, it makes no difference. At this point, the bail bond balance is no longer owed to you. However, you are also responsible for any outstanding fines or penalties charged by the bail bond firm on your behalf.

Obtaining a bail bond can be done in a variety of ways.

The amount of bail required for the defendant’s release would be determined by the court system. A bail bond firm can offer a form of insurance package or “bond” to the court that promises payment of the entire bail bond fee if the prisoner fails to appear at all scheduled court proceedings. Bail bond companies charge a fee for providing these bonds. a fraction of the overall bail bond sum set by the state, usually 10%. A $3,000 premium, for example, will be paid on a $30,000 bail bond. Big Fish Bail Bonds, provides discounts and payment options, so this number could be less than 10%. For free anonymous bail bond information and a price quote, contact us right now.

What comes next is determined by whether or not the suspect shows up in court after being released.

When the prisoner fails to appear in court, The bail bond is lost, and the remaining of the bail must be paid. The Bail Bondsman will pay the outstanding bail balance to the court using the defendant’s collateral (house, jewels, stocks, etc.).

If a suspect fails to appear in court, the Bail Bond will be broken and the collateral will be returned to the individual who posted it. The 10% cash premium is kept by the bail bondsman as interest.

Bail Bond Services

Our office is pleased to assist you with making bail, regardless of the felony you or a loved one has been charged with. You can get out of prison before your court date if you have a bail bond while awaiting trial. This is time you will spend with your family and your counsel while they plan for your lawsuit. You can also read this useful article on the “3 benefits of using a bail bond service“.

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Where will I get a Bail Bond?

Because of the underwriting issues, most surety companies (including ours, Surety Solutions) do not write bail bonds. Bail bonds are one of the riskiest types of bonds to write. This is because the surety bond firm that issued the bond is responsible for the entire bond interest if the prisoner fails to appear in court. Of necessity, with the terms of surety bonds, the surety firm will demand restitution from the claimant in order to recoup any penalties they were required to pay. Bail Bondsman Court collects the ten percent of the bail payout rather than the bondsman. Understanding the vulnerability associated with Bail Bonds is important. Before issuing a bond, underwriters will assess the overall probability of posting a bail bond, which includes personal life, financial situation, family circumstances, and the case itself. Approval is difficult to obtain, because it also necessitates the indemnification or co-signing of other persons on behalf of the offender.

What do you do now that your friend or loved one has been arrested?

Our team has more than a decade of experience in the bail bond business. We will make every effort to get your loved one out of the city. You will only have to pay a percentage of the entire bail bond fee to Crossroads, and we will work with you to come up with simple and manageable payment plans that will fit into your schedule.

Crossroads Bail Bonds will both help you and the suspect navigate the bail bond and justice systems. We promise that your bail experience will be quick to grasp and execute, taking only a limited amount of time and documentation. Crossroads Bail Bonds is a full-service bail bond firm covering Wichita and the surrounding counties.

What are Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds are a sum of money or some form of property paid or bequeathed to the court in exchange for the right to release a criminal from pretrial detention. In cases where the defendant is unavailable to bequeath a bail bond to the court, the bond is signed by a bail bondsman or a bail guarantor and the bail guarantor collects the security money from the defendant in exchange for the security money.

A judge fixes bail bonds as a type of guarantee. If the defendant is unable to pay, he is permitted by the law to seek the help of a bail guarantor in the form of bail. To issue bail, the defendant is usually required to pay 10% of the bail to the client. Then, the bail bondsman will guarantee the remaining bail money in the form of collateral. If the defendant does not have sufficient mortgage rights, the bail bondsman is allowed to seek assistance from relatives and friends.

When the defendant appears in court after the court has finished hearing the case, the bail will be dissolved and the collateral which could be in the form of landed properties, cars, pieces of jewelry and others deemed fit by the court will be returned to the bail guarantor and he keeps 10% of the cash fee.

There are pros and cons to getting a bail bond. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail is confiscated, the court requires the payment of the remaining 90% of the bail and the bail guarantor will use the defendant’s collateral which could be landed properties, cars, pieces of jewelry e.t.c. to pay the remaining bail money to the court.

However, if the defendant can bequeath the bail bond totally, the full bond is returned to him at the end of the case.

The following are some types of bail bonds;


Citation Releases are bonds that are only used for written legal references. They are only issued by the arresting officer. For a citation to be released, the citation must be paid in full. After payment, you will be free to use it. It is widely believed that citation releases are the simplest bail bonds available.


Cash bail bonds as the name implies, are bail bonds paid in full in cash. Cash bail requires the defendants to be able to post or pay all the deposits set by the judge in the case. In most cases, cash bails serve as an impetus to ensure that the defendant attends all court hearings. If a defendant has enough cash to pay the bail, then getting out of jail can be easy. Once a defendant has successfully attended all the designated court dates and the case has been closed, the cash bail bond is returned.


A magistrate sets federal bail and can decide to release bail on federal criminal charges at his discretion. Experts say that oftentimes, due to the nature of federal crimes, the charges imposed may result in higher bail. They serve the same purpose as regular bonds but are used for federal crimes rather than regular criminal offenses or references.


Recognizance release bond may be the second most favorable and pleasing type of bail as it is release granted at no cost. Only a signed written agreement to appear in court is required. A defendant is granted release on a trust basis and is free to wait at home for trial without paying any bail. Other conditions of bail remain the same, however. The judge can set conditions for the released defendant (for example, regular inspections with probation officials, and prohibit the use of drugs or alcohol), and order the arrest of defendants who fail to appear in court.


With a surety bond, when a person is arrested and bail is set by a judge, the defendant contacts a bail bondsman ( if he cannot pay the bond) who gives information on the financial obligation and pays the bond. The bail guarantor pays the entirety of the bail amount under the agreement that the defendant will pay them back in full. After this, the defendant is free to go under the assumption that will not default on showing up for all appointed court dates. Otherwise, they will be skipping bail, and the court will place a warrant for immediate arrest.

What Is SEO Marketing And How Can It Help My Business?

Many business owners are already of the value of marketing. They know that it’s an ideal way for them to promote their company’s services and products so that they can increase their revenue. However, smaller scale businesses are limited by the amount of capital and resources that they have. As such, some remain hesitant about the concept of digital marketing because they do not believe they will get a solid return on investment.

Most of these experiences stem from traditional marketing techniques. However, digital marketing is significantly different from traditional marketing and doesn’t require as much resources in order for a business to get a solid ROI.

What Is SEO Marketing?

SEO or search engine optimization, can prove to be the most valuable type of digital marketing small business can invest in. It can be best described as altering off-site and on-site factors to increase the rank of your website in the search results. Let’s take a look at several reasons why small business owners should utilize the services of an SEO expert

1) Organic Leads 24 Hours A Day

Statistics indicate that 85% of the traffic for any given search query, goes to the top 3 ranked websites that pop up in the search results. What this means is that even if your website is in the 4th position, statistically you will only get 15% of the traffic you would have gotten, if you were in the top 3. Even worse, search engine experts also demonstrate that less than 1% of visitors check the second page for a given search query.

By utilizing the services of an SEO marketing specialist, they can alter on-site and off-site factors of your website to increase your rankings for a given search query. Once they have done this, you will be able to get leads 24/7 and increase your revenue. And, unlike traditional forms of marketing, once you have gained the top ranked position, if you maintain it, you will be able to get leads for months and even years.

2) Your Top Competitors Are Already Doing SEO

Every top company in every business sector is using the services of an SEO specialist. Even big companies that already have a large customer base use the services of an SEO expert (check out the ministry of freedom reviews for ideas). What this means is that regardless if you are in retail, food and beverage or the entertainment business sector, chances are that your top competitors are already taking advantages of SEO marketing.

Your ability to compete will determine how successful your business remains. In order for you to ensure that your business stands out, you need to strengthen the areas of which your competitors are already thriving. SEO will give you the opportunity to compete with your competitors on a fair level.

3) Brand Awareness

Every business owner knows that brand awareness helps to facilitate trust, which in turn leads to a higher amount of sales and a high customer retention rate. Let’s say you operate a barbershop and someone searches for barbershops in the city where your business is located. If you utilize the services of a marketing specialist, your website will show up in the top results for that search.

The potential client will click to know more about your website. This helps to create brand awareness as well as to establish credibility. It’s a known fact that people trust companies with websites than companies that don’t. But, unless you invest in digital marketing, no one will know your website exists.

4) SEO’s Importance Increases Year After Year

Search engines are an integral part of our lives and the internet as a whole. While social networks may come and go, search engines are here to stay indefinitely. The same thing can be said about SEO and its importance. It will only increase as the years go by. Right now is an opportune time for you to get involved for several reasons. For starters, search engine continuously tweaks their algorithm in regards to which website goes up and down in their search listings. As it gets more and more complicated, it will also get more and more expensive.

As such, if you work with a specialist to develop a strategy now, it will cost you a lot lest to maintain your position year after year, than it would to get started at a later date.

Water Softeners: How They Work and the Different Types

adding salt to water softener

A water softener is a device that is designed to solve hard water problems. If you don’t know what hard water is, it’s simply water that contains dissolved minerals such as manganese, magnesium carbonate, and calcium, magnesium carbonate. 

If you find that your shampoo or soap doesn’t lather well with water, bathtub has a ring, dishes have spots, coffee maker has some scale deposits, or your laundry looks dingy, then your home may probably have a hard water problem.

Though these minerals don’t actually pose health risks, they can make your difficult by creating damaging deposits in your water heater, plumbing, and other appliances that use water like a coffee maker. Hard water can make washing your clothing, dishes, hair, and your body more challenging.

According to the United States Geological Survey, about 85% of American homes have issues with hard water. 

Solving Hard Water Problems

In order to solve the problems of hard water, you have to get rid of the dissolved magnesium and calcium. While there are some chemical treatments that can accomplish this, the best and most popular way is to use a water softener.

A water softener is basically a mechanical appliance that’s installed into the water supply system of your home to filter dissolved minerals from water. 

How Water Softeners Work

Most water softener systems use the same operating concept: They substitute the dissolved minerals for something else, mostly sodium. This process is known as ion exchange.

The main part of a water softener unit is the mineral tank. It is usually filled with tiny polystyrene beads, also referred to as zeolite or resin. These beads usually have a negative charge.

Both magnesium and calcium in water carry positive charges. This implied that these two minerals will get attracted to the resin beads as the water passes through the resin tank. Sodium ions also carry positive charges, which aren’t as strong as calcium and magnesium charges. When a very strong salt (brine) solution is flushed through the mineral tank that has resin already saturated with magnesium and calcium, the volume of the sodium ions is enough to flush the magnesium and calcium ions off the resin. Water softeners come with a separate tank that uses salt to create the brine solution.

When operating normally, hard water usually moves into the resin tank and the magnesium and calcium ions stick on the beads, thus replacing sodium ions. Then the sodium ions enter the water. Once the resin beads get saturated with magnesium and calcium, the unit will enter a 3- phase regenerating cycle. The first phase which is the backwash phase will reverse the water flow in order to flush out dirt from the tank. In the second phase which is the recharge phase, the conc. sodium rich brine solution is carried from the brine tank via the mineral tank. The sodium then collects on the resin beads, thus replacing the magnesium and calcium, which usually go down the drain. Once the recharge phase is over, the ion exchange or mineral tank is flushed to remove excess brine and then the brine tank is refilled.

Types of Water Softeners

By far the commonly used and most popular type of water softener is a cation exchange or ion-exchange unit. However, a couple of other devices with different working mechanism also exist. The following will explain the different types of water softeners on the market today.

1. Salt-Based Ion Exchange Water Softener

This water softener type is very common in many households used two tanks to cycle hard water: one filled with brine solution and the other with special resin beads. It works using the concept of ion exchange, as explained above. This is by softening hard water by trading sodium ions for dissolved minerals in water such as iron calcium, and magnesium.

2. Salt-Free Water Softener

A salt free water softener unit uses ion exchange principle like the salt-based but instead of sodium substitute, it uses potassium chloride. This type of water softener unit might be a better option for folks who want to reduce salt intake. This water softener type is actually a descaler as in it does not reduce the hard water minerals but instead prevents them from being deposited as scales on the surfaces of pipes and water-using appliances. Experts say that using salt-free water softener is better than using no softener at all, although it’s not as effective as conventional water softeners. 

3. Dual-Tank Water Softeners

When a softener is recharging, it first disconnects from the water system, so basically, it’s out of commission. Thus, for this reason, the regeneration cycle is set to happen at night. If soft water is needed when the regeneration cycle is happening, this can be a problem.

If this downtime of a water softener is a problem or if your household is big or you live in a place where water is hard, it may be a good idea to consider investing in a dual-tank water-softener which comes with two mineral tanks. With a dual-tank water softening unit, when one resin tank is in use, the other will be regenerating. Therefore, softened water will be supplied continuously. 

When buying a dual-tank water softening unit, keep in mind the space it’ll require. You need to install it in place it can serve the main water line so that it can supply your entire house. This unit will also need a drain for backwashing. If you opt for a model that needs electrical power, make sure a power outlet is located nearby.

4. Magnetic or Electronic Water Softeners

A more controversial and perhaps cheaper option of softening hard water is a magnetic or electronic water descaler or softener.

According to manufacturers of these units, this plug-in device, which attached to the incoming water pipe, creates a magnetic field which alters the electro-magnetic properties of the hard calcium-carbonate minerals so that they are repelled by each other and by the pipes. Some people say that magnetic water softer works while others say otherwise.

These are the different types of water softeners. Hopefully, this article and water softener reviews by homefixplanet will help you make an informed decision before shopping for one. Make sure you read reviews of them first before making up your mind. 

Hiring an Attorney in Colorado

law books

Life is full of uncertainties; one never knows for sure with the unforeseen events of life. When you are embroiled in a lawsuit or have been injured due to negligence or ill-will of others, then the first sane thought that will cross your mind is to seek justice. Whether you are fighting a custody battle, seeking compensation or facing criminal charges, the first step that you need to take is to hire an experienced Colorado attorney. Hiring an attorney is no easy task, especially if you have no prior experience working with an attorney. Listed below are important factors that you need to take into consideration while hiring an attorney.

Nature of the lawsuit

First, determine the nature of your lawsuit. Attorneys have their own area of specialization. You might come across several ads, both online and offline, where attorneys claim to handle different types of cases. Before delegating the responsibility to any particular attorney, you need to make sure that the attorney has experience working in your type of case. Experience counts when it comes to hiring lawyers.

Verify the authenticity of the sources

Millions of people across the globe blindly trust sites that rank or rate lawyers. You might be under the impression that the only objective of these directories is to help you find a reliable lawyer. If that is the case, think again. Most of these directories are manipulative or biased, determining the ranking of attorneys purely based on the advertising income they are entitled to hoard in on. It is foolhardiness to hire a lawyer based on the lawyer ranking sites. Garner as much information as you possibly can on an attorney before hiring their services. Key information that you need to know for a fact includes level of experience the attorney has in the field, proven track record, work history, number of cases handled, cases won and cases settled amicably.

Duties of an attorney

Another important factor that you need to reflect on is whether the attorney has the required licenses to practice. It is common knowledge that an attorney needs to have appropriate licenses in place if they wish to practice in a particular state. You should also have some level of knowledge on the duties that attorneys are expected to perform, which includes gathering facts, verifying circumstantial evidence, analyzing clients’ testimonials, handling lengthy documentation work and creating a defense mechanism that best protect the interests of the clients.

Assess comfort level

Once you have all the basic information, including qualification, reputation, and experience, analyzed, assesses the comfort level you share with your attorney. There is a good possibility that you will be sharing long tedious hours locked up in an office with your attorney discussing the minor details of the case over and over again. You should be happy enough with your attorney to share all inside information and be confident that the information disclosed will be kept discreet and revealed to no third person under any circumstance.

Fees charged

Another crucial factor that you need to mull over is the fee charged. Fees charged by different attorneys vary to a great extent. Some attorneys charge fixed flat rates, while other charge on an hourly basis, whereas few other attorneys charge on contingency basis. In contingency contracts, you will be required to pay only after successful completion of the case on prior determined profit ratio.

Benefit of hiring Colorado lawyer

Free Consultations

If you are considering hiring attorneys for your upcoming legal case, you will always want to look for legal offices that offer free consultations. This means the attorney you are considering will invite you into their office to sit down and talk with you about your case. They will take the time to analyze your case and let you know if you have a legal matter on your hands and what their expert recommendation is on moving forward. These consultations are very important and they show that they attorneys you are turning to are completely dedicated to helping you succeed with your legal matter.

Varying Practice Areas

When it comes to deciding on which attorneys you want to hire for your case, you will want to make sure that the lawyer you decide on practices in a number of different areas. This lets you know that, no matter what type of situation you have on your hands, they will be able to handle your case and will feel comfortable with moving forward. This is especially important when it comes to hiring attorneys for issues with things such as personal injury cases as experience in different areas is important with this type of law.


When it comes to hiring attorneys, there are very few things that can match the importance of experience. In today’s legal world, it takes a lot to be able to win a case and you will want someone who has seen it all and who has developed a solid reputation within your community and within the legal world. This way you know no matter how complicated your case gets they will be able to draw on skills and experiences in order to make sure you find the success with your case that you deserve. If you keep these things in mind when looking for attorney colorado springs you are sure to end up with the right professional for you.

How to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

courthouse photo

Hiring a well-qualified and experienced Injury Lawyer can help the client get compensation without any hassle and within the stipulated time frame. Hiring a personal injury lawyer has become a prerequisite and a trend for most of the people. With an increase in the number of accidents, the need for personal injury lawyers cannot be ruled out. In recent years, analyzing the trend of accidents has thrown light on the fact that the cases of injury due to accidents has increased a lot. In such cases, it becomes equally important for the injured to hire a lawyer specializing in temporary and permanent injury claims so that they can help get what they deserve.

The Personal Injury Lawyer specializes in injury compensation for the victim. Although, there have been cases where the injured do not want to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer and prefer to handle the process on their own. Since people are not fully aware of the technicalities and difficulties, the entire process becomes complex and time-consuming. Many times it requires the lawyer to go to the accident place to evaluate and analyze the case to prepare the claim papers. The case also has to be presented effectively to the court so that the victim is adequately compensated.

Since the Personal Injury Lawyer specializes in injury cases, their expertise is of immense benefit to the injured client. They also keep the client informed of the updates on the case every step of the way. Another advantage of hiring the Personal Injury Lawyer is that, since they have been working in the field for a long time, they can work on a contingency basis. Meaning, they won’t get paid if they don’t win the case. A good example of such an attorney are the folks at

Are you a victim who has met with an accident recently? Are you suffering to pay your medical bills? If you the injury are a result of another party, then it’s time to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. As injuries are painful both to yourself and to your wallet, you need to search for a personal injury lawyer near you as soon as possible. However, just a quick online search may not help you find the right lawyer for your case. It is important to research thoroughly and hire a reliable and reputable personal injury lawyer for winning your case. But, are you aware of what you need to look at while hiring a personal injury lawyer?

Your time is valuable, so we have mentioned few things to look for while searching for a personal injury attorney:

Specific Law Practice

As we know, doctors specialize in a specific area; lawyers also practice a particular area of law. If you are a victim met with an accident, then you need to search for the attorney who is specializing solely in personal injury law. They could understand your situation and help you to get more compensation and win your case without much effort.

Years of Experience

Depending on the years of experience of the lawyer, you could realize their capability and skills to handle any severe situation and win your case. You need to ask them whether they have worked on a similar case to yours. Inquire about their years of experience in this particular area of law.

Communication Skill

For choosing the best personal injury lawyers, you need to check whether they have strong communication skill so that they could convey the details about your case to the judge using the law to argue to get the desired outcome for your case. Also, he or she should have strong communication with you to know every detail of your case.

Trial Experience

Hiring an attorney with many winning records is obvious. But often not all the cases go to trial and settle out of court. So it is vital to choose an attorney who is comfortable and confident in the court. Also, the lawyer you hire should be capable of getting you more compensation from the opposite party.


The reputation of the lawyer is one of the important things you need to look for while hiring a personal injury attorney. Word of mouth and searching online can help you know about the reputation of the lawyer and the personal injury law firms.

North Caroline Shale Frontier: Injured On The Job?

Personal injuries and accidents can happen to anyone at any time without a forewarning. When such misfortunes occur to you, it is best to have lawyer representation especially when you get injured or suffer various kinds of damages and losses. Personal injury lawyers will basically help you claim compensation on medical bills, lost wages, inconveniences and damage to property (car, truck, motorcycles, tactical knife…). In sophisticated regions like North Carolina, finding personal injury lawyers should not be a problem especially with the incredible traffic congestion across the whole city. There are several personal injury lawyer North Carolina businesses and finding one should be as simple as browsing for businesses. However, not all offers you come across will be desirable. In fact, you risk landing incompetent attorneys who will only take high fees yet win you nothing or very small compensation than you deserve. It is therefore important to review these offers and make sure you are working with the best your money can afford. Here are a few insights to help you pick a reliable personal injury lawyer in the area:

When searching for personal injury lawyer, there are a few things to note and review. Aspects of experience, portfolio, user reviews and reputation are very important. They will not only help you gauge the competence of a given lawyer or law firm, but also give you insight into the nature of service and level of quality provided. The first thing is to assess your needs and situation following a personal injury. Once you know what you need and deserve, proceed to compare existing offers before making a final decision. Some of the important things to look for include the following;

  • Becton LawRepresentation provided – Personal injury is quite broad and not only limited to road accidents although this forms a wider part of it. Vehicle accidents, motorcycle, truck and automobiles all fall within this category. Others include slips and falls, tort injuries and medical malpractice that may result in aggravated condition. Reliable firms like Becton Law provide the whole range of representation for personal injury since they are a large establishment with several experienced attorneys for each case. Working with a single individual is not quite recommended as they may not be very adequate in a particular area which could be your prime need. Make sure the lawyers provided can handle your situation.
  • Lawyer reputation – Some lawyers and companies are highly trained in insurance and adjustments. They will defend the corporation and ensure their profit margins are not interfered with. Such law firms will make you feel like a small part of a large equation and your aim should be to avoid them. Reputation is the best way to isolate reliable personal injury lawyer services in any area. Lawyers who have consistently helped victims win deserved compensations and recover the damages caused will often have a good reputation. Look through reviews, comments and complaints from previous clients to learn from their individual experiences. You can also find expert review sites that rank law firms based on their services and reputation.
  • Experience and professionalism – Although not all long-serving firms are known to provide better representation, it is still recommendable to consider such options. The key aspect here is experience; you aim should be to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer who has been in the industry long enough to know what is required. Some experienced lawyers are employed in new firms while older firms may employ recent graduates so it is important to look at both angles. Professionalism can be gauged from the first impression you get. If the lawyer does not show up on time for appointments, dresses up too casual or speaks about general concept not rooted to your case, you should find a better offer.

There are several other minor things to consider before you hire any personal injury lawyer North Carolina. The end game is to get compensation for your injury, medical bills, damaged automobiles and lost wages or income among other inconveniences caused by the accident. Lawyers should provide guarantees that they will help you win something at least. Some do not take payment until you are eligible for compensation, which they are usually entitled to a small percentage of. Others take an upfront payment and offer guarantees to help you win or refund if you should be unfortunate. Once you have reviewed all the other aspects, compare prices and find offers that give you more value for money. Check out Becton Law Firm if you need help now.

The View of EDF Energy on Shale Gas Production and Use

If you are interested in the UK energy politics, you might be following the EDF Energy and shale gas issue very closely. Shale gas has shaken up the entire energy industry. As a natural gas, shale gas has a reputation of being a low-carbon, coal alternative. Thus, it can play a crucial role in the transition to a more clean economy. However, it’s important to get things right first.

Despite being natural, shale gas has some risks that are associated with it. For instance, wastewater from the drilling operations is usually chemical-laden. This can cause contamination of water supplies. Methane pollution in the gas supply chain can also cause air pollution and accelerate climate change. Clearly, if these risks are not addressed in a sober manner and on time, the environment and people that live close to these developments will be exposed to serious risks. That’s why EDF Energy is advocating for a smart approach to the shale gas issue. If you have questions regarding this, you can contact EDF Energy using their customer service phone numbers:

Economic benefits

extracting shale gas

In terms of the potential economic benefits of shale gas in the UK, EDF is of the view that production of shale gas will not alter the delivery path that will lead to the achievement of the 2050 GHG emission reduction goal ( Additionally, EDF does not believe that shale gas development will have a game changer effect like it did in the U.S in terms of energy costs and gas prices. Although there has been a global increase in gas due to the U.S shale gas, EDF expects this to curb price rises instead of driving them down.

Community protection

The environmental impacts of shale gas production are mostly felt at the local levels. EDF is of the view that nobody should sacrifice their life’s quality for economic purposes. As such, EDF is engaging in gas and oil exploration and exploitation activities in different states including Pennsylvania and Texas. Currently, EDF Energy is fighting for the essence of safeguards that improve practices in the industry while requiring gas and oil companies to operate in more responsible ways.

To form a responsible part of the energy mix, natural gas must work well with the increasing renewable energy sources, not against them. When used strategically, shale gas can be crucial in the mix and that’s what EDF is advocating for.

Market considerations

EDF Energy is of the view that this gas generation will provide the largest opportunity when fitted with carbon capture and storage. That’s when the gas will have a larger market share as long as the other low carbon alternatives will be more expensive or unavailable. Therefore, it is important for the government to continue its momentum on Electricity Market Reform. Reforming the electricity market will enable the energy market to deliver a diverse energy mix that is required to meet energy policy goals. Proposals by the government should provide a framework for the investment in shale gas. This framework is very important for low-carbon investment that not only the country needs but it also helps in maintaining low costs for consumers.


Potential production of shale gas in large volumes reinforces the importance of establishing an enduring and credible price signal to enable investors to make informed decisions. Currently, the EU emissions trading system lacks a long-term signal that is required to make relevant investments in the generation of low-carbon alternatives. Although carbon price floor introduction in the UK helps in the restoration of a signal for long-term price, it does not eliminate the need for reforming the EU ETS in Europe.

EDF Energy Gas Distribution Plant

Therefore, EDF Energy supports initiatives that will lead to finding a solution to the EU ETS defect at the European level. Additionally, it encourages their pursuance by the government. For instance, EDF agrees that UK needs to work with partners in the European Union to achieve robust agreement for the reduction of carbon dioxide at the domestic level across the European Union. This includes setting more ambitious targets for this reduction by 2020, relative to those of 1990.

Generally, the battle that EDF Energy is fighting is for the formulation of sensible policies that will curb pollution where necessary. This includes conducting scientific research with an aim of improving our understanding of shale gas, problems that are associated with it and their possible solutions.

Chesapeake Barnett Shale Drill

Chesapeake Barnett Shale Drill in Fort Worth was a boon to the people of the Texas suburb. Indeed, it was reported that oil drilling really changed the look and life of the Fort Worth people. While major cities consist of tall buildings and plush homes in the surrounding environs, Chesapeake has oil drills running and revving. There are a few active wells still with significant economic value.  Drilling began in Fort Worth sometime around 2001. People have come to be enlightened about the energy industry and how the oil industry operates. In any case, the learning is by default because the wells are found in the people’s backyards.

Resistance and the Reasoning

Of course the Fort Worth drilling ventures did not happen without a fight. The resistance is informed by the fact that over time, reality dawned on the residents of this Texan Suburb that the riches from the oil exploration will come with a cost. One of the bones of contention was the fact that Fort Worth had been naturally endowed scenery with beauty that struck you as soon as you hit the suburban roads.  Traditionally, Fort Worth has enjoyed lots of hikers, riders, bikers, walkers and the lot. All these natural scenery enthusiasts loved their Fort Worth as it was before the discovery of the riches. So they have tried to fight some of the threats but, obviously and evidently, there is conflicting interest.  There have been many conflicts regarding the drilling. Yet, the bottom line is that oil drills in Fort Worth remain the talk of the town. The wells mean that a good amount of the natural scenery, the trees, and the green expanses had to go. You cannot have your cake and eat it.

The Will of the People

The outcry by the Fort Worth people yielded fruit when Chesapeake agreed to trim down the size of its drilling area to half what it had originally intended. Environmental conflicts suffice when it comes to oil exploration; and Chesapeake was not the first. The oil prospects and gains that the company had forecasted from its feasibility studies were bound to be altered a great deal. Indeed, the area that was given up for environmental preservation is still fenced out with a black chain link. The activists and environment protection groups scored highly. It was a major lesson to both sides of the conflict. The heated battles about drilling in Fort Worth were informed by history. There was evidence everywhere that earlier natural resources exploration had abused the environment. Yet it seems the compromise by Chesapeake was a precursor to later business decisions in Fort Worth.

The Unexpected Turn of Events

Sometime in August 2016, Chesapeake Energy decided to move a huge chunk of its land to a Dallas Company. The move was supported by a private equity facilitator.  There is no pecuniary gain in the land transfer to Saddle Barnett Resources.

Chesapeake argues that its decision was appropriate if it is to realize new business avenues in the oil industry. Chesapeake hopes to save about $200 to $300 million every year as operating income gain.  The firm also aims to dispose off up to $1.9 billion of midstream and downstream obligations.

The future of Chesapeake Barnet Shale Drill in Fort Worth Texas hangs in the balance following these developments. It is part of the 2, 800 wells that Chesapeake has been running. The company first entered the Barnett in 2004.

Chesapeake is reported to have agreed to pay its partners an amount in the range of $334 million in order to exit the pipeline deal to ship the Barnet shale gas.  On its part, Saddle Barnet will part with up to $420 million as payments to Williams in order to cancel the arrangement. The deal is in its final stage and it is hoped to be closed by the end of this third quarter of the year.